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CO2 Cleaning or Dry Ice Blasting

100% ecologically safe rated by the USDA and
versatile enough to be used on any type of equipment.
CO2 Cleaning
Dry Ice Blasting:
Dry Ice CleaningDry Ice Blasting is a cost-effective cleaning method utilizing compressed air to propel high-speed streams of dry ice pellets as a non-abrasive cleaning medium to clean or strip metal and plastic surfaces. Thermal shock occurs due to the temperature difference between the dry ice pellets and the surface being cleaned, changing from a solid to a gas upon impact. The CO2 application freezes the contaminant and breaks the bond with the substrate. The dry ice vaporizes on impact, leaving no residual media to dispose of. The contaminent is then blown from the surface and captured for disposal. The major benefit to Dry Ice Blasting is the fact that NO WATER or HARSH CHEMICALS are used in the cleaning process, so you have no additional waste being generated.

Specialized Industrial Services' CO2 cleaning has been successful in removing adhesives, paints, sealants and coatings, lubricants, decals, soot, ink, and other surface contaminates from a wide variety of surfaces. Characteristics of the carbon dioxide pellets are ideal for use around electrical boxes, robotics, permanent molds, food conveyors, coils, packaging equipment, conveyors, ovens and mechanical parts. A wide variety of industries have discovered the advantage of this precise cleaning method. Applications range from delicate semiconductor and circuit board cleaning to fire restoration and surface preparation for heavy industrial equipment.

Dry Ice Blasting is commonly used in just about any type of industry that has equipment that needs to be cleaned including power plants, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, marine and many more. Dry Ice Blasting is safe enough on surfaces that it can also be used to remove mold and smoke damage from residences.

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